Trey Brewer Guitarist


September 1 Private Party Rainbow Island

9/7     Solo Guitar Cloister Private

9/14   Solo Guitar Cloister Private

9/15   Private Party Rainbow Island

9/17   Sing Out Loud Showcase with the Taildraggers at Dog Rose Brewery

9/18  Roger That with Lonesome Ride

9/20  Private Party Rainbow Island 

9/22  Solo Guitar Art In Motion Flagler College

9/28  Solo Guitar Cancelled due to hurricane Ian

10/4  Private Party Rainbow Island 

10/7  Private Party Rainbow Island

10/8  Wedding with Classical Guitar Cello and Violin

10/9   Solo Guitar Cloister

10/16 Roger That with Lonesome Ride

10/17 Private Rainbow Island

10/19 Private Solo guitar Cloister

10/21 Solo Jazz Guitar Cloister

10/28 Taildraggers Anastasia Church on 16

10/29 Rainbow Island Private

10/31 Private Party Cloister

11/3-4 TBA

11/5 Barberville with the Taildraggers and Lonesome Ride.

11/7 Rainbow Island Private

11/16 TBA

11/18 TBA

12/3 Porch Festival Lonesome Ride

12/25 Cloister Jazz Trio

12/31 Cloister Solo Guitar