Trey Brewer Guitarist



9/2 Private Party Rainbow Island

9/4     Solo Guitar Cloister Private

9/9  Private Party Rainbow Island

9/15   Rainbow Island private

9/17 Sing out loud showcase

9/20  Corner Pocket with Lonesome Ride

9/21 Private Party Rainbow Island 

9/22  Solo guitar Cloister

9/24 Brad Hammock Dunes


10/10 Ponte Vedra Library  concert Grass Menagerie

10/13 Private Party Rainbow Island Grass Men.

10/14 Taildraggers St. Johns Bot. Garden

10/15 Lonesome Ride GCS

10/16  St. Simons Grass Men.

10/17 Solo Guitar Spanish Lounge

10/19 Private Cloister Taildraggers trio

10/21 Waterworks Concert Hall Taildraggers 

10/25 Solo Jazz Guitar Cloister

10/27 Duo Ernie


11/1Solo Guitar Spanish Lounge Cloister

11/3 Private Party Grass Men

11/4 Solo Guitar Cloisterr

11/5 Holy Trent. Lonesome Ride

11/10 Guitar / Violin Duo

11/11 Taildraggers Duo Private Party

11/14 Rainbow Island Private Grass Men.

11/19 Corner Pocket Lonesome Ride


12/2 Porch Festival Lonesome Ride

12/8 Ponte Vedra Club Rock Band Ernie

12/9 Epping Forrest Violin Guitar Duo

12/10 Luminary Riverside Taildraggers and Lonesome Ride

12/12 Private Grass Men.

12/17 Private Party Lonesome Ride

12/22 San Sebastián Winery Taildraggers

12/25 Lodge Jazz Trio